Providing the support that you need quickly

At a time when responsiveness is crucial, we can provide you with rapid support through our existing framework channels. These include a central government framework which has been specifically repurposed to deliver COVID-19 related work. 

National consultancy services frameworks

RedQuadrant available through national frameworks

The whole range of our expert consultancy is available through OJEU-compliant framework contracts, usually with a direct call-off option. 

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Management Consultancy Framework RM3745

The main pan-Government management consultancy framework contract, and we are supported by a stellar cast in our consortium. We are accredited for lots 4 - HR, lot 5- health and community, and lot 8 - ICT and digital. 

Management Consultancy Framework 2 (MCF2) RM6008

MCF2 complements the existing Management Consultancy Framework (MCF) operated by Crown Commercial Service, offering a broad range of consultancy services to central government departments, devolved administrations, the wider public sector, and third sector. Our services are available through Lot 1 Business Consultancy. 

ESPO framework 664 consultancy services

In the following categories:

1 – Business Services
2e – Revenues and Benefits
4b – Social Care (Adults)
4c – Social Care (Children)
6b – Strategic IT Services
7 – Leisure, Culture and Tourism
8e – Housing and Housing Support
8f – Planning, Valuation and Infrastructure
9b – Marketing, Communications and PR
10 – Strategic Projects


RedQuadrant transformation services are available through the digital marketplace. Our offer covers a wide range of transformation, enabling, and training services which can be bought directly without additional procurement process.

Digital Outcomes and Specialists

RedQuadrant services are accessible via Digital Outcomes and Specialists 3 which helps the public sector to find suppliers that can research, design, build, test and deliver software applications and digital services. We can provide both digital outcomes and digital specialists through the framework.

Bloom consultancy framework

We are accredited on the NEPRO framework, an open framework run by the North-East Procurement Organisation via Bloom Ltd, which enables you to access our serves in four quick and easy steps. As with ESPO/Pro5 you can procure us through a direct option or mini-competition exercise, for a complete range of consultancy services.

NHS Shared Business Services Consult 18

NHS Shared Business Services is a national provider for a range of Health and Corporate Services Framework Agreements. Their Consult 18 framework is a fully OJEU compliant route to market for the provision of multidisciplinary consultancy services. RedQuadrant are able to provide services through this framework on LOT 1 Healthcare Business Consultancy - Leadership, Governance & Strategy, LOT 2 Healthcare Service, Development & Transformation, Lot 4 Health & Community, Lot 5 IT Consultancy, Lot 7 HR, and Lot 10 Ancillary Services. More details on the framework can be found here.