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Adults learn best when they decide what it is they want to learn, and when the learning is closely linked to issues or problems of immediate concern to them. They learn from their peers, from people they respect, and they learn best when an appropriate level of personal risk is present.

Action learning sets are designed as coaching interventions to provide a safe environment which allows participants to help each other to ask the right questions and to devise the right answers for their work context.

Expert mentoring is tailored to suit your sector and role. Mentors are carefully chosen and will have extensive experience of the sector in which you work. The focus will be on sector-specific knowledge transfer. Expert mentoring enables the individual to overcome complex challenges and obstacles as well as identifying pressure points in order to plug the gaps. 

Phillip Hellyer

Dennis Vergne is our change management lead. His main focus is on working with local government, helping to mobilise and deliver large change programmes, and build internal capacity. He has an MSc in Consulting and Coaching for Change with HEC Paris and The University of Oxford. 

Rob Worth

Rob Worth specialises in systems thinking, agile, lean and organisational skills that he brings to the public sector. Rob works with senior teams in the public sector to create whole system change across a variety of organisations, including the NHS, local authorities and government agencies. 

What are action learning sets?

A small group of four to six participants meets regularly, supporting each other to take action on work issues, taking turns to introduce a problem and hear the perspective of others. Initially facilitated, groups continue independently once the group understands the process.