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Delivering and managing dynamic change in public services can be particularly difficult given the risks and sensitivities involved. We know because we’ve delivered plenty of change projects in the sector using traditional project management approaches. In our experience, linear planning doesn’t work well in delivering the kind of change which is constantly evolving.

So we’ve done something about it – we’ve developed an alternative to the traditional project management approach. Taking the agile approach from innovative sectors like information technology, we’ve tried and tested it with our public sector clients. Using this learning, we’ve made some improvements to develop a two day accredited agile master in public services course. Our interactive course introduces agile as a method to prototype, adapt and continuously improve the change made to local services.

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Dennis Vergne is a Managing Partner and founder of RedQuadrant. Dennis has worked with a diverse range of public sector organisations in the last fifteen years and is an internationally recognised expert in organisational change management. His recent experience includes embedding agile project management methods in Hillingdon council’s corporate transformation team. Dennis has a passion for enabling transformational change that sticks, turning ideas into effective practice and behaviours.

In this course, attendees learn about the application of agile specifically in the public service context. We will share our various tools and techniques in taking change from iteration to prototype and our experience in using agile for public service prototyping. We will also share our tips on how to identify and deliver cashable benefits using this method.

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After attending this course, attendees will return back to their workplaces feeling confident in embracing the complexity of change rather than avoiding it. In time, they will notice how agile enables them to free up internal capacity to change and develop without depending on ‘big bang’ implementations at the end – especially as these ‘big bang’ implementations can fail at the last minute and ultimately hurt performance. Our aim is always to be as supportive as possible in making the change happen when attendees return to their jobs. So we also equip attendees with a range of tools and methods so they can select and use the most appropriate tools to design and deliver improved services with cashable savings.

What have previous participants said?

‘It taught me how to make changes and receive feedback early on and not wait until everything is finished in order to receive feedback’

‘The simulation was excellent and highlighted how to apply methods and techniques such as lean and also the pitfalls to look out for.’