Customer-led service design and whole systems change

Public services face unprecedented budget cuts and increased demand. We’ve seen first-hand the tough decisions and compromises that are being made. Some organisations are resorting to the salami-slicing, closures, and slash and burn approaches to achieve their targets.

But we know these approaches could lead to much bigger problems in the future. We also know there’s a better way, and we want to share it with you.

Our two day customer-led service design and whole systems change course introduces public sector leaders and managers to a much more disciplined approach in realising savings through transformational change - without compromising services. Our course is very experiential because we want participants to learn in-depth about our service transformation methodologies. We’ll share our customer insight techniques and key savings frameworks to help you implement these changes – and we always make the learning fun.

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Sue McKenzie has considerable and varied experience in many aspects of the cultural sector: archives, museums, libraries, arts development, festivals and community engagement. She is also experienced in archival research, change and project management, development of strategies and policies, community engagement, developing alternative governance models, developing volunteer programmes, fundraising support and advice, writing grant applications, business plans and income generation,management of refurbishment and relocation programmes, support with accreditation programmes, devising and delivering training programmes, facilitating workshops, organising conferences, appraisal and development of collections, support with service changes and development.

This course covers a number of topics to help attendees better understand the problems inherent in big organisations and the different perspectives of stakeholders involved in their workplace. We will share our tried and tested service transformation methodologies, customer insight techniques, savings frameworks and tactics to support in change.

Why should I sign up?

When attendees leave this course, they will have a better understanding about the different change management approaches that can be used in a public service context. They will be able to assess the relative merits of service transformation and process improvement methods in their own work. They will have practical skills in process mapping, gathering customer insights and using this to design or redesign a service, using savings framework, and developing a successful customer access strategy. To make sure attendees have all the right tools to get started when they’re back at work, we also provide a practical toolkit.

What have previous participants said?

‘I think the balance between presentation of theories and practical exercises is right, allowing practical application of some of the theories before they are forgotten. I will apply the tools to my team planning a service review process.’

‘Service improvement for customers - that part has been really relevant for what I do.’