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We know public services face a ‘perfect storm’ of unprecedented budget cuts, rising citizen expectations, and increasing demand for services. Some public sector organisations are reaching for the salami-slicing or ‘slash and burn’ savings to meet targets. While this approach may appear to help to reduce the budgetary pressures in the immediate term - it could lead to much bigger problems for the organisation in the future.

We believe that only change that is transformational can help public services improve their services while reducing costs in a sustainable way. With this in mind, we’ve designed a holistic service transformation programme, which develops the in-house capabilities of public sector leaders and managers to confidently design, develop and deliver change which can transform services and achieve cashable savings.

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Benjamin P. Taylor is a Managing Partner and founder of RedQuadrant. His areas of expertise include taking strategic change from vision through to organisational transformation using systems thinking approach; customer value and customer focus; and organisation development and design. His current work includes the service redesign program for continual improvement for Bristol City Council. Starting on the front line in an advice centre, he has worked extensively with public sector leaders.

Our service transformation programme involves four core modules, which are delivered over a six day period. During this period, we will cover tried and tested service transformation methodologies, savings frameworks, customer insight techniques, agile tools and techniques, organisational complexity and tactics on how to manage defensive behaviours in staff.

Why should I sign up?

There are several benefits in taking this programme – too many to list! The programme will provide attendees with the theory, methods and tools to transform their thinking, operating processes and people. It will give attendees the confidence in designing, developing and delivering complex change projects to achieve savings while improving services for the better. The programme is specifically tailored for the public sector so, unlike other programmes, it will leave attendees with practical knowledge which can be easily applied in their working context.

Tracy Redpath, Policy and Partnerships Manager, Stafford Borough Council:

‘What sets the RedQuadrant Service Transformation training apart from other training is that you actually get to put your learning into practice as they run live business simulation exercises which are really beneficial and enjoyable. You take a considerable amount of learning away with you along with some practical tools that you are able to use in your own organisation.’