Our Service Transformation Programme works. Here's proof...

The four modules that comprise the Programme are designed for senior public sector leaders and managers, service managers and team managers who deliver change.

Its aim is simple: to develop the in-house capabilities of public sector leaders and managers to confidently design, develop and deliver change which can transform services and achieve cashable savings.

What some of our previous customers say:

‘It was a great experience. If this is what public sector style training looks like, then private sector learning & development departments have a lot to learn. I’ve been on a lot of courses over the years but RedQuadrant’s stands firmly among the best. Useful theory, deftly combined with intensive and engaging practice.’

‘This has far been the most useful, informative and practical course I have attended and will be sure to recommend it to colleagues.’

‘We are setting up a transformation team, so I will be able to use these tools as part of our process. Very good course - one of the best I have attended.’

‘I like the balance of theory and simulation. You reminded me to use the tools and techniques which are available to me every time, not to lose momentum. Thank you.’

‘Thank you very much for the diligence & thought that clearly went into the production of this course. Rarely is the clear linear path between theory and practice made clear. You have succeeded in doing this in an enjoyable manner. Class! ‘

‘I intend to actually take the 7 ways theory into a department, I’m currently working with, to get them thinking about changes they could make.’

‘I loved that it was like an episode of the Apprentice but tailored for public sector. It was highly motivating and empowering - reminding me why I took the role at RBK. I feel more empowered to go ahead with some ideas and to drive forward real service transformation.’

‘The trainers were very knowledgeable and had good & helpful examples.’

‘The practical strategies, tools and the theoretical knowledge will be of equal benefit.’

Don't hesitate! 

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