Accredited agile master in public services (PSTA-LAST)

17 September 2015

Accredited agile master in public services (PSTA-LAST)

Learn how to embrace the complexity of today’s public sector environment, and take on your next transformation challenge with a proven, fresh approach.

17-18 September 2015 (9am-5.30pm)

Why is this course important?

Delivering and managing dynamic change in public services can be particularly difficult given the risks and sensitivities involved. Planning projects in a linear way using traditional project management approaches often holds organisations back from learning and refining their changes quickly in a disciplined environment.

So how can public service organisations deliver the kind of change which is constantly evolving? How can organisations manage change in a way that enables learning and development simultaneously?

What is the course?

We have developed an alternative to the traditional project management approach. Agile has been used for over a decade in innovative sectors like information technology. We have tried, tested, and improved this approach with public service, and, using this learning, we have adapted this project management approach to develop our accredited agile master in public services.

You will learn how to embrace the complexity of today’s public sector environment, and take on your next transformation challenge with a proven, fresh approach.

What will you learn?

This two day accredited training course introduces attendees to a different approach in delivering and managing change within the public sector. As an attendee in this course, you will learn:

  • the real meaning of agile and lean;
  • how the combination of agile and lean can work in practice;
  • various tools and techniques from iteration to prototypes;
  • about how to use agile for service prototyping;
  • how to identify and deliver cashable benefits;
  • how to design services with the customer in mind;
  • how to value individuals and interactions over processes and tools; and
  • how to engage leaders, politicians, employees, stakeholders and customers

You will learn how to use agile as a method to prototype, adapt and continuously improve the change made to local services.  We believe in highly experiential and interactive learning. For example, in this programme, you will participate in a housing benefits simulation and undertake online testing for accreditation.

How will you benefit?

You will feel confident in embracing the complexity of change rather than avoiding it. You will notice how agile enables you to free up internal capacity to change and develop without depending on ‘big bang’ implementations at the end – especially as these ‘big bang’ implementations can fail at the last minute and ultimately hurt performance.

This course equips you with a range of tools and methods so you can select and use the most appropriate tools to design and deliver improved services with cashable savings.

Who is it for?

This course is designed for senior leaders, service managers and team managers involved in delivering public services. This includes services from local government, healthcare, probation and housing associations. 

What previous attendees say

[I enjoyed] ‘using an agile approach in the training as an example.’

‘The simulation was excellent and highlighted how to apply methods + techniques such as lean and also the pitfalls to look out for. The breakout exercise (such as with the balls) also helped to embed learning.’

‘Very good explanation of LEAN process improvement and of the various different methods for service transformation. Good interactive!’

‘New way of using a tool for project delivery’

‘It taught me how to make changes and receive feedback early on and not wait until everything is finished in order to receive feedback’

[I learned to] ‘receive feedback earlier and make changes before everything is perfect’

About your trainer

Dennis Vergne is a Managing Partner and founder of RedQuadrant. Dennis has worked with a diverse range of public sector organisations for over fifteen years and is an internationally recognised expert in organisational change management. His diverse expertise includes:

  • embedding agile project management methods in Hillingdon council’s corporate transformation team;
  • leading on staff engagement (including TUPE processes) and organisational design for two joint ventures between councils and a private sector firm, each involving 300-400 people; and
  • leading on a project with Newham, focussed on allowing services within the council to consider trading as independent companies.

The investment

This two day course, including accreditation, costs £745 (excluding VAT). Groups discounts are available, and further savings can be made if you book the entire Service Transformation Programme over 6 days.

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