Leading in a volatile world: four dimensions of complexity

28 September 2015

Leading in a volatile world: four dimensions of complexity

This powerful course addresses the four dimensions of complexity to help service organisation leaders gain vision and clarity in order to navigate their organisations with confidence. 

28 September 2015 (9am-5pm)

Why is this course important?

In today’s global climate, service organisations are dealing with growing volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. Add to that economic challenges, and service leaders need better understanding to navigate their teams and organisations.

What is the course?

In leading in a volatile world, you will understand the four dimensions of complexity:

  • the problems we have to solve are complex;
  • the organisation is a living thing;
  • we are part of a whole system of partners and suppliers; and
  • how people think is often as important as 'the reality'.

Based on fifteen years of experience in complex service delivery and consultancy, this powerful course addresses the four dimensions of complexity to help service organisation leaders gain vision and clarity in order to navigate their organisations with confidence.

What will you learn?

We believe management problems can no longer be solved by direction, leading from expertise, and situational authority. In this one day course, we support public sector leaders to understand how they can effectively lead today’s employees to deal with the complexity inside and outside the organisation.

As an attendee in this course, you will:

  • learn about organisational complexity;
  • learn from real examples of how instinctive human reactions in complex organisations can challenge working collaboratively;
  • learn about tools and approaches so others respond positively by default to collaborative working;
  • learn about experiences of 'having' and 'not having' responsibility;
  • learn through real experience on how you ‘show up’ as a manager in dealing with complexity, and learn a series of techniques to help you manage situation when nobody ‘knows the answer’;
  • learn about how leadership shapes culture in your organisation and how you can ‘manage from the minds of your followers’ to predict and shape positive responses;
  • learn about a clear vision of what people need today to work effectively in complexity.

How will you benefit?

The course provides a highly interactive experience to demonstrate how leadership can be provided in complex conditions. After this course, you will be able to distinguish between technical (complicated) and adaptive (complex) problems – and be able to adopt different leadership styles to deal with the problems.

You will leave the course with several ideas and a concrete plan on how to apply these tools and techniques to measure the impact of your leadership.

Who is it for?

This course is designed for senior leaders, service managers and team managers who lead teams in delivering services. This includes services from local government, healthcare, probation and housing associations. 

What previous attendees say

“Good delivery style and range of content”

“Good balance of activities and learning”

“Enjoyable and informative – good level of energy”

“Inspirational as well as informative. Really played to my creative side”


“Overall extremely useful”

“Has caused me to look at breaking down the hierarchy framework and middle managers positions”

“Helped to make it much clearer and now have more of a structure, clarity and some good ideas and links with the topics discussed”

“I will use the model for wicked messy issues to assist joint commissioning”

“I learnt loads –will use this to improve my own practice and communicate/influence wider”

About your trainer

Benjamin Taylor is a Managing Partner and founder of RedQuadrant. Benjamin is an experienced adviser to board level managers and politicians across service industries, with knowledge ranging from performance management to strategic policy alignment. His expertise includes organisation development and design, facilitation, action learning, training, skills transfer.

The investment

This one day course costs £295 (excluding VAT). Group discounts are available, and there are further savings if booked as part of the complete Service Transformation Programme.

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