Service Transformation Programme - Train the trainer (Australia)

17 October 2015

Service Transformation Programme - Train the trainer (Australia)

For the first time in Australia, take your chance to become an accredited Public Service Transformation Academy trainer...

Free assessment day:

  • Melbourne: Saturday 21st November


  • Melbourne: Saturday 21st November
  • Melbourne: Saturday 28th November
  • Melbourne: Tuesday 1st December


The introductory day is free, and other train the trainer fees will be refunded if we agree that the training is not appropriate for you at this time.


Why are we running this programme?

We believe that the best way to achieve transformational change for sustainability and efficiency in public services is to profoundly change the way in which public services think about, and deliver, transformation. In our experience, the best way to achieve this is to empower public service staff by developing their capabilities.

We want to build the skills and knowledge of ambitious transformation professionals who share this belief, who want to improve public services in their region and are interested in becoming recognised trainers of change and transformation in the public sector. 

What is the programme?

This training offers, for the first time in Australia, the chance to become an accredited Public Service Transformation Academy trainer (PSTA-LAST: see

The core courses – and upcoming dates – are:


To achieve accreditation you must:
  • attend ALL mandatory ‘train the trainer’ sessions
  • attend each course in which you wish to qualify as trainer

Why become an accredited trainer?

Having trained over 600 public service employees and consultants in the UK, and over one hundred in Australia, we know that there is huge demand for these services and we will work closely with accredited trainers to sell and deliver the training under the RedQuadrant brand and in their own right / within their own organisation.

What would you learn from this programme?

This three day 'Train the Trainer' course provides comprehensive training to those who want to deliver Public Service Transformation Academy courses. For more information about PSTA click here.

As well as the ‘inside story’ to the techniques and approaches presented in the training, you’ll receive our full facilitation guides, manuals, and materials, and hints and tips.

More importantly, you’ll become part of the RedQuadrant community and part of the network of professional Public Service Transformation Academy trainers and participants.

Core learning includes:

  • how to understand the ‘problems’ inherent in big organisations;
  • how to undertake a deep analysis of service demands and their causes to help council staff find new ways to connect with their community; 
  • about the service transformation methodologies designed to implement change; 
  • about ‘Agile’ techniques: moving beyond service reviews; and
  • how to understand the different perspectives of key players in local councils.

You will be learning to deliver training which is highly experiential, interactive and energising, and which enables people to learn by doing, in a safe environment, using cutting-edge know-how gained over fifteen years of immersion in service transformation.

How would you benefit from the programme?

After training with us, you will be able to teach others:

  • about the different change management approaches that can be used in a public service context;
  • about existing service transformation methods;
  • how to assess the relative merits of service transformation and process improvement methods for their work; 
  • how to make confident decisions about which method is appropriate to use for a particular situation;
  • how to undertake process mapping and analysis to determine potential benefits;
  • how to undertake various customer insight techniques; 
  • how to develop a successful customer access strategy and teach them how to implement it effectively; and
  • how to use customer insight to design or re-design a service.

Who is the programme for?

This course is especially designed for transformation professionals who:

  • have a keen interest in public service improvement in their region;
  • want to become accredited trainers in public sector transformation; and 
  • are looking to develop their careers.

In order to be accredited, you need to be an experienced trainer with a good knowledge of service change, facilitation, process work, and change management. You must attend and pass our FREE assessment day (see below for further fee details), attend relevant courses as a participant, complete your training and meet the licensing requirements of the Public Service Transformation Academy on an ongoing basis.

About your trainer

Benjamin Taylor is a Managing Partner and founder of RedQuadrant, and our managing director for Australasia. Benjamin is an experienced adviser to board level managers and politicians across public services, with knowledge ranging from performance management to strategic policy alignment. His diverse expertise includes:

  • taking strategic change from vision through to organisational transformation using a systems thinking approach; and
  • changing structures, processes and management thinking to deliver more efficient services designed to meet customer purpose, using lean appropriately
Your investment in your future

The introductory day is free, and other train the trainer fees will be refunded if we agree that the training is not appropriate for you at this time.

The full course details, along with individual and 'bulk' fee options, that comprise our renowned Service Transformation Programme can be found here.

If you book all courses, significant discounts are available. (And you can receive accreditation to deliver all!)

The three-day train the trainer courses costs $10,000 though discounts may be available for some organisations.

For details of this and of the accreditation fees and licensing fees for individual courses, please contact us at

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