Customer-led service design and whole systems change (STP Module #1)

10 September 2015

Customer-led service design and whole systems change

This two day course supports public service organisations to adopt a much more disciplined process in implementing transformational change. 

10-11 September 2015  (9am-5.30pm)

Why is this course important?

Public services are face unprecedented budget cuts and increased demand. We’ve seen first-hand the tough decisions and compromises that are being made. In this complex environment, some organisations are trying to achieve their targets by salami-slicing, closures, and slash and burn. These approaches could lead to much bigger problems in the future. We know there’s a better way, and we want to share it with you.

What is the course?

The customer-led service design and whole systems change course is designed with these pressures in mind. Specifically for the public sector and for the challenging context in which we are all working today, we’ll introduce you to methods and know-how which can help you achieve transformational change. These approaches can help you achieve savings in a sustainable way, without compromising services.

What will you learn?

This two day course supports public service organisations to adopt a much more disciplined process in implementing transformational change.

You will:

  • understand the ‘problems’ inherent in big organisations;
  • learn about the service transformation methodologies designed to implement change;
  • learn about customer insight techniques such as segmentation, customer profiling and customer journey mapping;
  • learn about key frameworks to help you identify savings in a service;
  • understand the different perspectives of key players in your organisation; and
  • learn tactics which you can utilise in your job to support change.

The course is highly experiential. For example, you will participate in a simulation exercise to ‘try out’ some of the different service transformation methods while working on a project to improve a fictional service. You will interact with different stakeholders in order to identify savings and develop an improvement plan (outline business case).

The first day of the course will stimulate a range of ideas about the transformational change tools available, whilst the second will focus on their practical application. We will highlight any potential challenges in implementing these including advice on ‘classic traps’ to avoid.

How will you benefit?

After spending two days with us, you will:

  • better understand the different change management approaches that can be used in a public service context
  • have learned about existing transformation methods
  • be able to assess the relative merits of service transformation and process improvement methods for your own work;
  • be able to make confident decisions about which method is appropriate to use for a particular situation;
  • be able to undertake process mapping and analysis to determine potential benefits;
  • use a framework to identify savings in a service;
  • know how to undertake various customer insight techniques;
  • be better able to develop a successful customer access strategy and understand how to implement it effectively; and
  • understand how to use customer insight to design or re-design a service; and
  • have a practical toolkit to help you with all the above!

Who is it for?

This course is designed for senior leaders, service managers, and team managers involved in delivering public services. This includes services from local government, healthcare, probation and housing associations.

What previous attendees say about this course

‘The simulation exercise and actually getting some practise rather than just death by PowerPoint.’

‘The degree of choice within the course and simulation e.g. who to interview, which topics to dive into etc. It was really well structured; in terms of pacing, uncertainty, team composition, theory, hints etc.’

‘Covered lots of ‘background’ on all aspects of customer insight.’

‘I really like the simulation, I took more in learning under pressure and it made it fun. I think I will be applying a lot of the lesson when dealing with projects and project teams.’

‘Whilst I was very sceptical about the role-playing, it was actually the best part of the course. The faculty really help you out the theory into the practice.’

‘I enjoyed the situation exercises and benefited from having to go out of my comfort zone.’

‘I think the balance between presentation of theories and practical exercises is right, allowing practical application of some of the theories before they are forgotten. I will apply the tools to my team planning a service review process.’

About your trainer

Benjamin Taylor is a Managing Partner and founder of RedQuadrant. Benjamin is an experienced adviser to board level managers and politicians across local government, with knowledge ranging from performance management to strategic policy alignment. His diverse expertise includes:

  • taking strategic change from vision through to organisational transformation using a systems thinking approach; and
  • changing structures, processes and management thinking to deliver more efficient services designed to meet customer purpose, using lean appropriately.

The investment

This two day course costs £500 (excluding VAT). Discounts are available for group bookings, or if taken as part of the complete six module Service Transformation Programme.

How to book

If you would like to book a place on this programme, then please register following this Eventbrite link.

Or email for more information