Network co-ordinator for RedQuadrant

01 October 2015

Be at the heart of shaping the culture of RedQuadrant!

We are currently seeking a network co-ordinator to join our fast-paced business. As a network consultancy working with over 600 expert independent consultants, our network manager is responsible for:

1.       engaging with and managing our consultant network;

2.       understanding the skills and experience it holds; and

3.       quickly and effectively providing shortlists to fill roles.

You will also be expected to develop an overview of the capacity, capability and availability of our people. Unlike an agency, we invest time in developing our RedQuadrant community, so a key element of this role will be working with the business support manager, service leads, and managing partners, in reacting to the aspirations and goals of the network on an individual and network level, involving consultants in training opportunities, and keeping them engaged.

Download the full details here: network co-ordinator role specification