RedQuadrant adopts the nine principles of consulting excellence from the Management Consultancy Association

01 February 2019

Today RedQuadrant announced their support for the 'nine principles of consulting excellence'. These can be seen in full at, and cover:

1. Responsible citizens
2. Ethical business
3. An ethical culture

4. Excellent consulting, delivering client outcomes
5. Respond to client concerns, be transparent
6. Improve value delivered

7. Development planning
8. Strong consulting skills and specialisms
9. Support employees

Benjamin Taylor, Managing Partner of RedQuadrant, said "RedQuadrant was inspired and set up nearly ten years ago by out commitment to doing consultancy differently. We've always been supporters of initiatives to continue the development and support the image of the industry, and we applaud this initiative from the MCA. We take this initiative seriously and have made a company-wide commitment to it.£

Frank Curran, head of consulting, said "we have always measured ourselves against the highest standards, and we have now taken the opportunity to incorporate the nine principles into our self, client, and consultant evaluation processes. We will follow this initiative with great interest, and continue to aim to meet and surpass the standards of the industry."

Note that RedQuadrant is not a member of the Management Consultancy Association, and membership of their Consulting Excellence scheme is limited to members at this time, so we have taken the approach of studying and seeking to meet and exceed these standards, as we do with all such standards and measures we consider to be valuable.