Scenario planning – the future of social care

14 October 2015

We need positive self-fulfilling prophecies

Every year at NCASC we expect insight – particularly from service users and around frontline change. We also expect a fair dose of platitudes.

  • Integration – but how?
  • Inspection – monitor or problem-solving partner?
  • Innovation – but without risk?
  • Is social care about a last-ditch safety net or loneliness and social engagement?
  • Who’s responsible – government, local government, society?

This year, we decided to run our accelerated scenario planning process to help people really get beneath the skin of the question:

what will social care look like in 2020?

We have now published the first draft of our live, crowd-sourced #socialcare2020 scenario plans.

What does the future hold?

  • a providers' market?
  • reacting or responding?
  • managing 'beyond the edge of chaos'?
  • turning the Titanic?

CLICK HERE for the scenarios.

It is not too late to contribute though - do you like the names for our scenarios? Do they ring true?

Come to stand BL24 (upstairs in the speakers’ corner area) to vote on:

•The most likely scenario
•The worst scenario
•The best scenario
•The three things we can do to avoid the worst
•One thing we can do to encourage the best!

For more information on the scenario planning process, click here.


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