Phillip Hellyer

Phillip Hellyer's expertise is in optimising the value of investments in change and improving organisational effectiveness. He specialises in pragmatic enterprise architecture approaches that improve systemic structure and reduce unintended consequences.
With a background in accountancy and computing science, Phillip works on both 'sides'​ of the strategy fence, enabling people in business to make better decisions about IT, and people in IT to more effectively support business.
As an enterprise architect, Phillip sits between IT and the rest of the business, like a strategic interpreter. As a mentor, he helps entrepreneurs think more clearly about their priorities and aspirations. As a speaker, he delights audiences by finding new perspectives on familiar topics. As a business coach, Phillip accelerates the careers of smart people with deep technical skills. And as a flying trapeze 'board monkey'​, he spends his summers encouraging people to jump. If you squint, it's all the same thing.
As a dual British and Canadian citizen, Phillip is available for engagements throughout North America and Europe.

07546 660206