Capacity building

Transformation is often done best by people within an organisation rather than by external consultants who do not know the culture and are often not there to see the changes through.

You want to embed transformation skills in your workforce rather than rely on consultants, and you have able and willing people who are keen to take up the challenge to further their careers, knowing that transformation will be a large part of their future roles in local government.

We can help you to build your own transformation / project teams by:

  • helping you to select and recruit the right calibre people
  • training them in all the relevant transformation skills
  • supporting them in their project work via coaching & mentoring
  • working alongside key individuals to transfer skills.

Sarah Johnston   07701 049836

Sarah Johnston, explores and blends different approaches to find the right one for any given situation and never forgets the people element. With central government, local government, private and voluntary sector experience in housing, HR and organisational development Sarah brings a fresh approach to her work.

Lorna created an internal transformation team at Hammersmith & Fulham, delivering successful transformation projects. Partnering with a consultancy – led by Dennis Vergne, founding managing partner of RedQuadrant - they transferred skills via training and shadowing, enabling staff to work independently.

Hillingdon has been ground-breaking in its approach to empowering its people to drive transformation. Having attended some of our training courses, they asked us to train their trainers to deliver a tailored version of the programme to the internal transformation team and all of their service managers. Since then we have continued to support them by working with them on projects, transferring skills on an ’as needed’ basis when the learning has been most relevant.