Criminal justice

There is no area of the public sector facing greater change than criminal justice. Police and Crime Commissioners, Transforming Rehabilitation, Payment by results, big cuts to the Ministry of Justice’s and Police budgets:  each one of these is big enough on its own, but together they amount to a revolution in how criminal justice services will be commissioned, delivered and judged in the future. Of course the sector does not exist in isolation; Welfare Reform - particularly the bedroom tax, single room rents and Universal Credit – will have a profound impact on offenders, as will changes to drug treatment. It’s daunting.

There are ways through this to deliver better outcomes for offenders and the community. At RedQuadrant we have experts in both adult and juvenile justice arenas. As importantly, we have experts in local authority housing and care, and health. We can help local partners join up services in order to make sure that money and services are targeted as effectively as possible. We also know a lot about mutualisation and out-sourcing, and can help criminal justice agencies think about this approach as well. We’ve also worked overseas and can bring best international practice to bear too. 

Frank Curran  07515 875381

Frank Curran is our lead on criminal justice. Frank has worked with criminal justice agencies for many years and is currently leading our work with Dorset and Devon and Cornwall Probation Trusts (see below). Criminal justice needs to be considered as a part within a larger mechanism and Frank has a detailed understanding of the importance of links with housing, health, public health, social care and the wider community.

We are currently working with Dorset and Devon and Cornwall Probation Trusts, via the Cabinet Office’s public sector mutualisation programme, to help them develop a mutual. This will be ready to compete and win business when the Transforming Rehabilitation competition gets underway. It’s a bit more complicated than that though. Not only are we helping them set up a mutual but we are helping them set up a joint venture with two major employment and housing providers to develop a much better service for offenders and the community. It’s complicated, but it’s exciting!

We have worked with the Danish prison service to outline their plans for transformation, savings, and service improvements. They use a Positive Deviance approach to identify the real opportunities existing within the population for improved outcomes.