Education has always been a politically contested area. Complexity is now growing at all levels, with multiple sources of funding and more complex support arrangements from pre-education settings to higher, further, and continuing education. 

Our team includes leading practitioners who have delivered consultancy projects of national and international importance. The experience of our team includes academy conversions – such as a five year review of academies for DfE, and free school applications, adult and continuing education, behavioural improvement, healthy schools, and learning approaches.

We bring both commercial understanding and a deep understanding of the real work of education. We are the current sponsors of the Information for School and College Governors (ISCG) annual guide for governors.

Dennis Vergne  07980 541990  

Dennis Vergne has a great deal of experience within children's services. We have worked with councils across the country including Wakefield, Devon and Cambridgeshire on projects spanning early intervention, safeguarding, fostering and adoption and developing new models of delivery, as well as with the Department for Education (DfE).

We led a review of Merton’s adult education service to establish the financial viability of the service and its ability to source new funding streams and achieve cost savings.

We looked at current and future markets for adult education, changes in the national funding regime, income generation possibilities, and cost savings, as well as curriculum development issues, including the potential delivery of parts of the curriculum on-line, and new governance arrangements to put the service at arm’s length from the council.

Special educational needs in Lambeth

The special educational needs team in Lambeth successfully met their performance targets ‘by hook or by crook’. Our rapid improvement event focused on reducing bureaucracy, improving parent satisfaction, and reducing appeals and the costs of associated tribunal appeals.

Some changes were designed to be implemented immediately, like engaging parents early in the process and giving feedback to partners. The team is working to reduce the 71% of non-value adding work they were doing due to outdated information technology systems.