Housing services cross the boundary between logistics and community-shaping, with strict legislative requirements and great political variation. Housing policy and management runs from multi-million pound transactions to graffiti removal, from critical gas safety to customer insight and communications. More than any other service area, it is local government in a nutshell.

We understand how critical public housing is in shaping an area and a community, the many organisational challenges faced, and the pressures on housing services from homelessness to rent collection.

Our team have expertise in specific areas but also see housing work in a much broader local context – and see the potential for housing to lead community and physical regeneration and improvement. 

Alan Burns is an expert with over 30 years' local government and housing experience. Before RedQuadrant, Alan was an associate director with Capita Property and Infrastructure - Housing and Consultancy (formerly branded Sector) and the lead for housing transformation and efficiency projects. Alan joined Capita in 2007 from PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) where he worked in their government and public sector practice for four years. Before joining PwC, Alan worked in local government, predominantly in housing but also in IT where he led on e-Government and IT enabled service improvement projects. Alan’s work is focused on key areas such as organisation and service re-design, procurement, efficiency, customer service transformation, value for money, and programme and project management.

Our rapid improvement event have been using in homelessness and temporary allocation, allocations and verification, gas maintenance and housing repairs.

They help employees at all levels see new opportunities and find out how to reduce operational pressures and make a better impact on customers' lives. 

We have worked to review the entirely of housing management and operations, bringing together demand management and capacity planning to restructure a department around improvements identified by customers and employees, identifying over 20 percent realisable savings in the process.

This links with our tenant and resident panel work, identifying how customers can help services to drive improvement.