Parking and regulatory services

We support trading standards, environmental health (food health and safety and environmental protection), and licensing teams to be more effective and efficient. We implement risk-based approaches; more focussed effort and more effective work through changed work practices and data requirements. And we help to cut internal red tape so there is less paperwork and rework.

For parking services, our projects focus on the process and people change as well as technology impacts on parking enforcement and permit processing operations (including call centre operations, blue badge, and debt recovery).

Efficiencies can be achieved by sharing or merging services from different councils. For example, we developed a detailed business case and implementation plan for sharing the parking back office between Kensington and Chelsea and Hammersmith & Fulham.

For building control, see the section on planning and public realm.

Sarah Johnston   07701 049836

Sarah Johnston, explores and blends different approaches to find the right one for any given situation and never forgets the people element. With central government, local government, private and voluntary sector experience in housing, HR and organisational development Sarah brings a fresh approach to her work.

We made improvements in all risk-based assessment services for the London Borough of Hillingdon. Identified commonalities and flow of work opportunities for cross-service improvements as well as removed non-value add work.

This achieved £200,000 annual savings in the first year. 

We developed a detailed business case for shared regulatory services for five southwest London boroughs including Sutton, Merton, Richmond, Kingston and Croydon.

We developed three options for the new service: shared management; one lead authority; and a fully integrated service with financial and organisational models and implementation plans.