Private sector and charities

Our deep expertise, commitment, and defining ‘no-nonsense’ approach have helped us establish long-lasting, rewarding relations with a number of public sector clients. We’re proud to have delivered real, sustainable change that makes a difference. We bring this appetite for improvement and growth to all kinds of challenges. We work in both private and third sectors to deliver the expertise of our recognised, high-calibre consultants across a wide spread of industries, including financial services, technology, telecoms, manufacturing, utilities, and charities, mutuals, and other social forms.

Simple techniques to cut cost and improve customer satisfaction no longer suffice. Nor is there an off-the-shelf answer provided by management or consultants. Instead, we face ‘wicked’ challenges that need to be tackled by the whole organisational system. We help you to start with immediate, practical steps – we follow Kurt Lewin: ‘you cannot understand a system until you try to change it’. This can include rapid improvement events (‘Kaizen Blitz’), building skills through coaching, large group interventions, and cutting-edge change management and project delivery.

Benjamin Taylor  07931317230

Ben Taylor, RedQuadrant managing partner, is a published author on lean, systems thinking, and one of the few people to be qualified as both a lean six sigma black belt and a Power+Systems organisational workshop facilitator. He has consulted around the world on organisational and operational effectiveness, and leads our transformation work cross-sector.

Some of our specific interventions include:

  • The Power+Systems Organisation Workshop, and Merging Cultures, designed by systems thinker Barry Oshry
  • Scenario planning – longer or more condensed versions to generate future flexibility middle speed up effective decision-making
  • Master classes: critical conversations (based on Chris Argyris’ work), demand-based systems thinking
  • Analysis of the service climate of your organisation and its ability to sense and response to the environment

We work with world-renowned experts in this field.

Human Securities, from the USA: a leadership consultant with passion for developing leaders and their capacity to address complex social change in global organizations, the public sector and foundations, Rick Torseth has consulted and coached leaders since 1991.

Advanced Dynamics, from Australasia, were founded by Peter Cooper in 1997 to work with people to build capable organisations, helping both to realise their full potential.