ethical consulting
Our beliefs
We’ve been consultants for some time – and we’ve realised some important things:

1. Good consulting is about having the right people for the job. It’s experience, expertise, and caring enough that matters – not the brand, the website, or the ‘solution’.

This even means that we let clients pick the people they want to work with. 

2. It’s not just about having good ideas – it’s about ensuring the organisation we’re working with can deliver the change.

This means our clients have to share responsibility for the work.

3. Consultants should be in business to do themselves out of a job – and that includes us. The work is not just fixing or adapting the organisation.

Paying lip service to knowledge transfer – a one week ‘embedding’ phase at end of project, or writing a document – doesn’t cut it.

Sustainability means passing on the skills for analysis and continual improvement.

The only way to do this is to work with the client, learning and doing together, throughout a project.

We call it our ‘campaign against consultancy’.

Many consultancies say this – and many individuals believe it too. In 2009, we started to build a new consulting firm – from scratch – based fully on those beliefs.

RedQuadrant is a lean, networked consulting organisation. Our consultants are all independent. They come together – like an experienced crew making a film – to meet the needs of our clients. They know their job, know their own reputation is on the line. They also know that they’ll get more support than if they were working with one of the top consulting ‘brands’.

This means that we have an iterative, learning approach to projects – we find changes we can make, and test them, ideally in fast steps that we can test and try again several times. We believe that 'you cannot understand a system until you try to change it' (Kurt Lewin). We always work alongside you – we don’t take the task away from you, and we don’t just write a report.

It means we get practical and pragmatic, and choose the right tools and approaches to do the job. It means that we mix coaching, mentoring, training – and even running parts of the organisation to make the change happen – we call this ‘consultant interims’.

It also means that the client pays less, and gets more experience, than with big firms.

It works rather well, but will always be work in progress.

So, we’ve been working on RedQuadrant since 2009. Does it work? We think so. More importantly – our clients think so! We’ve grown in a sustainable way – a significant amount on average each year. And 96% of our clients have asked us back.

But we are far from satisfied, and always try to improve what we do.

If you want to share your thoughts – we believe in conversations.