We transform public services through collaboration and with integrity. We don’t stop until we achieve extraordinary results. 


Social and environmental justice

Public services are about citizen and community outcomes. Equality, diversity, and inclusion depend on and are critical for just outcomes. These dynamics are only going to get stronger – we all need to take responsibility.

Experienced, authentic delivery together

With hundreds of projects across all key public services, we put partnering into practice. We’re focused on working with you as one team, and we specialise in being honest, grown-up, and getting the real work done.

Satisfied clients

96.8% of our clients return to us for more. We stick around until the job is done, and deliver the value-adding outcomes as well as the initial requirement. And we build your skills and capacity, so we do ourselves out of a job.


Cutting edge methods

We select the best points of intervention and tailor our approach every time. We live the world of digital, and we take agile, adaptive work in complexity seriously. We help you lead systems and generate powerful learning as well as direct results.

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We lead and support the Public Service Transformation Academy, a not-for-profit social enterprise partnership. Our mission is to drive better outcomes for people and communities by developing the local, civil, social and health sectors’ capabilities to collaborate, innovate and lead. The PSTA delivers the Cabinet Office Commissioning Academy, Place-Based Systems Leadership Academies, and a range of Transformation Academies and other capability building.

Dynamic training

To empower you to make the changes you need, we offer a range of workshops and training. System leadership, expert mentoring, leading service transformation.

Dealing with IR35

We have always offered in outcome-based contracts, and can offer implementation support based on your sign-off of work packages of deliverables. Contact us.


We believe in conversations

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Our story

The RedQuadrant story

  • In 2009, with impeccable timing, Benjamin (our current managing partner) and Dennis Vergne left their safe consultancy jobs to work in a new way – a consultancy that would be client-focused, consultant-focused and, ultimately, focused on real outcomes for citizens and communities.

  • We grew fast at first, taking on a 2*3m office, then, as we stabilised, large offices above the British Interplanetary Society – before becoming ‘virtual’ again in the COVID-19 crisis. Our consultants and many of our operations people have always worked virtually, remotely, and on client site, so this is our natural state!

  • We were inspired by the Keen Group, a taxi company who in 2006 put large GPS computers into their cars and ran a ‘self-organising system’ – so we were ‘Uber for consulting’ before Uber existed. Our early marketing was based around ‘the Campaign Against consultancy’ – we believe that our job is to do ourselves out of a job, to not be needed any more.

  • Since 2009 we have worked and flexed with all the successes and challenges of UK public services, with occasional international forays. 

  • In 2016, as Dennis moved on amicably, we became founding partners (again with perfect timing!) in the not-for-profit social enterprise the Public Service Transformation Academy.

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Meet the founder

Benjamin Taylor

  • Benjamin is founder and managing partner at RedQuadrant, and chief executive of the Public Service Transformation Academy. 

  • In seven years at the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham, from frontline at Shepherd’s Bush Advice Centre to Adviser to Mayor, eGovernment, CustomerFirst, and procuring a strategic partner, he came across consultants - including some he now works with – and found them full of new and exciting ideas. 

  • That led to a career in PwC and Sector Projects (part of Capita group), where he worked with clients from the Government of Armenia to Birmingham City council. 

  • Benjamin is passionate about systems thinking and practice, adult human-to-human relationships, and creating better experiences of organisations internally and in terms of citizen and community outcomes. He runs the RedQuadrant tool shed, our repository of methods and approaches. http://bit.ly/RQtoolshedinfo 

  • Benjamin is a director of SCiO (Systems and Complexity in Organisation, the UK’s professional body for systems thinking practice), and part of the Requisite Agility and Yak Collective movements, as he keeps seeking out the useful stuff for us to use!

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