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Graphic design, annual reports,
rich pictures, infographics, digital scribing, reviews, logos, leaflets, and more.

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Head of Design

07740 707 646

Natasa Sears

Resilience summit logo.png
Resilience 9 front11.png
Honest conversations .png
Setting boundaries.png
Resilience 9 front9.png

Kent County Council

Resilience Summit 2023

Resilience postcards landscape A5.png

Natural England

BMG Workshop 2023

BMG workshop 2024-02-23.png
BMG workshop 2024-02-232.png
BMG workshop 2024-02-23 7.png
BMG workshop 2024-02-233.png
BMG workshop 2024-02-234.png
BMG workshop 2024-02-2310.png
BMG workshop 2024-02-23 14.png
BMG workshop 2024-02-23 9.png
BMG workshop 2024-02-23 13.png


Cultural devolution research and infographics 2024

LGA Infographics 2 final FOR RQ WEB.png
core funding for web.png
LGA jigsaw for web.png

Natural England

Enviromental Collaborative Leadership

Rich picture 2023


Series of Roundtables
Digital graphic scribing 2022

Birmingham City Council

Prevention in Adult Social Care pathways

Rich picture 2021

Northamptonshire County Council

DA case studies, Infographics 2021

Northamptonshire County Council

DA accommodation and support pathway review

Review booklet design 2021

Public Service State of Transformation

Survey for PSTA Review booklet design 2021

Screenshot 2024-01-21 at 16.33.13.png
2024 png Cultural commissioning infographics and all case studies-2.png

Cultural Commissioning

Modelling organisational structures

2024 Bristol infographics.png

Bristol City Council - Applied Service Redesign Programme

Bristol City Council

A selection of double-sided learning cards

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